Focus Or Die The New Branding Imperative For Associations

Today’s association model, created more than 100 years ago, is dying. The days of homogenous markets are long gone. Industry consolidation and globalization have rendered many trade association’s traditional member markets virtually unserviceable. Increased competition and higher member expectations have combined with market changes to create an environment that is hostile to the broad-based association […]

Learning More About Corporate Branding Strategy

The principal goal of corporate branding is to ensure that both a company and the products and services that it offers stand out above the competition. Corporate branding strategies are developed with this goal in mind. Competition in the business world is fierce and both achieving and maintaining reputation, presence, production, and capabilities requires a […]

Corporate Branding With Social Media Sites

Over the past few years, social media sites have revolutionized the way humans connect with each other. It has changed the way people seek & share information, or research products/goods/services. Growing at a pace of more than 3 million new members a day and enjoying total membership of around 200 million, today social media sites […]

Vital Points In Coming Up With The Right Branding

Although branding is known to be quite advantageous for businesses, there are still entrepreneurs who are not serious with their efforts on this. Despite the tons of jargons as well as do’s and don’ts on the matter, there is still a lack of logical standpoints on how branding can benefit businesses and how it can […]

The 7 Secrets Of Successful Corporate Rebranding

Here are seven rules of the road to avoid the naming wheel of pain and ensure a successful outcome: 1.Get Serious Corporate renaming is not a game for the inexperienced. Getting a group of students in a room with beer and pizza, as one General Counsel of a major corporation suggested, is guaranteed to fail. […]